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reform. the obama administration puts the brakes on calls for a swift leadership change in egypt. >>> texas tragedy. drug violence along the border with mexico claims the lives of at least two u.s. high school students. >>> and handbag heroin. >>> good morning, i'm lynn berry. those stories and more are strad aheat. this is "first look" on mb. >>> we begin this morning with compromise in cairo. the united states is reconsidering a push for swift reform in egypt calling for a slower pace to progress, easing the call for a transition of power and president hosni mubarak to step down. whether egyptian protesters in cairo accept a timetable slow down remains to be seen. nbc's tracie potts joins us with the latest on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. the u.s. is starting to wonder whether mubarak's immediate resignation is such a good idea. according to the country's constitution, that would trigger an election in 60 days and given what's going on, there are questions whether they could organize free and fair elections in such a short period of time. but the gov
news channel. we'll see you next week for another edition of "fox news watch." >> president obama, bill o'reilly the sit-down you've been waiting for. and gunshot near a college campus. i'm harris falkner, we're live as fox reports tonight. president obama, bill o'reilly, covering more ground than any player on the field. >> do you deny that you're a man that wants to redistribute wealth. >> absolutely deny. >> and tonight, their entire discussion that just might leave the super bowl feeling more like the half time show. and pay the price for doing their job. two members of our fox family savagely beaten and a left to wonder if they'd be killed by thugs in cairo. tonight for the first time in camera, their terrifying ordeal in their own words. >> within about 30 seconds people were all over us and that's when our life or death struggle began. >> and i thought he was just-- i am ain trouble. >> and how the nightmare took another dark turn. >> plus, for 100 years ago today he left a living legacy for generations to come. tonight, celebrating the life of president ronald reagan from
of progress in discussions over the transfer of power with egypt's vice president. president obama urges president mubarak to listen to the people and calls for change in egypt to begin now. >> in light of what's happened over the last two weeks, going back to the old ways is not going to work. >> welcome to bbc news broadcasting to viewers on pbs in america and right around the globe. tension escalates between thailand and cambodia. both sides blame each other. and the husband of the shot u.s. congresswoman says he's going to resume training for the final flight of the space shuttle endeavour. thousands of people as well stayed in central cairo after another huge rally demanding the resignation of egyptian president hosni mubarak. there are reporting of gunfire near the square. protests build friday as the day of departure but president mubarak is still hanging on to power. activists are saying that, although they plan demonstration, people are encouraged to return to work. >> from early this morning, they were celebrating what they were calling the day of the departure with special cha
continue to grow while domestic spending is going to be flat over the next 5-10 years under president obama's budget. there was a much ballyhooed announcement they were cutting $70 billion over the next five years at the pentagon. but in fact, that was a reduction from a previous projections for growth. so, the total amount -- which is a famous budget tricky here in washington -- so the total amount will continue to increase. i think as we discussed earlier, the major programs are continuing on. some of them slightly scaled back but the budget is still projecting a second engine for the f-35 although the president opposes that. congress continues to spend on that. it should be noted the factory where it will be billed is next to john vander's district in ohio. and at other military programs. where there may be reductions in military spending may be supplemental authorization as we wind down the wars in iraq and afghanistan, presuming the political situation in those countries go well. the caller mentioned nasa. nasa was slated for cuts in the house republican plans, along with a lot of scie
: -- >> martha: it was a -- it's the big presuper bowl faceoff that everybody talked about, president obama sat down with bill o'reilly before kickoff, the leader of the free world tackling tough questions from bill o'reilly on super bowl sunday, they took on the economy, whether or not the president is actually moving to the center, the crisis in egypt, whether mubarek needs to go, canadait, cordial, fascinating interview. we're going to break it down moments from now, we'll go through with how he felt it all went down, that is going on inside "america's newsroom" this morning. >>> then there is this: a possible turning point in egypt today. reports this morning that a new cabinet is having their very first meeting since this crisis began two weeks ago, protestors, though, once again filling into their position necessary tahrir square, they are refusing to budge until president mubarek steps down. i'm martha maccallum on a monday in "america's newsroom". rick: nice to be with you, i'm rick folbaum. transition talks, set to get underway in cairo. martha: antigovernment protestors saying they w
. >>> happening now, president barack obama says he's eager to have an adult conversation about overspending. we're deciphering the main messages of his surprise news conference. >>> plus, death chants by iranian lawmakers. they are trying to snuff out anti-government protests by calling for the execution of some opposition leaders. >>> and after months of scandal, italy's prime minister now facing trial on sex and abuse of power charges. we have an exclusive interview with a woman who is being investigated for hooking him up with young women. wolf blitzer is off today. i'm jessica yellin. you're in "the situation room." >>> president obama faced reporters today after enduring 24 hours of mostly bad reviews about his new budget blueprint. he used a hastily called news conference to defend his spending plan as well as his response to the revolution in egypt, and he laid down some new markers for his next two years in office. our senior white house correspondent ed henry was there. ed, the president seemed pretty defensive today. >> reporter: he was a little defensive in dealing with the situation
[ cheers and applause ] ♪ sdloo this morning on "early today," rethinking reform. the obama administration puts the brakes on the call for a new leadership in egypt. >>> drug tragedy along the border with mexico claims the live of at least two americans. border with mexico claims the live of at least two americans. >>> and handbag hero. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning. i'm lynn berry. today, we begin with compromise in cairo. the united states is reconsidering a push for swift reform in egypt, calling for a slower pace to progress, easing the call for a transition to power and president hosni mubarak to step down. whether egypt protesters accept the timetable for his stepdown remains to be seen. >> good morning, everyone. according to the country's constitution, that would trigger an election and given what's going on there right now. there are questions as to whether they could organize free and fair elections in such a short period of time. but the government is doing something to appease these protesters. the new cabinet has allevi
, and i know some others are questioning how involved should the obama administration be at this point. >> that is a great question, and i think that is one that the white house has grappled with him and have kind of settled on an idea that they are siding with the egyptian people. they do not want to look like the backer of a president who is on the way out and who is essentially being overthrown by his own people, but egypt has been a very important ally to us for the past 30 years. military operations in iraq depend on our relationship with them. they want to make sure that they manage this properly. you have a lot of folks calling on obama to say, hey, get behind plan. make sure you are showing some leadership here. but obama and the white house are saying that this is something the egyptian people have to choose, and if they get involved, it would look like the u.s. is forcing the government on the egyptian people and that it is an american commander in chief, and i think obama is trying to take more of the diplomatic route here, saying, certainly, we believe in human rights and a
, we saw president obama unveiled his 2012 budget proposal. if you go to, we have a budget page available. you can look back /budget. with events we have been covering -- hearings. all of it can be found there. we also have a list of amendments for this 2011 spending bill debated in the house. if you are interested in who has to file amendments and what issue, go to, and there you can find a list of amendments. upper marlboro, maryland. libya is a moderate. what do you think? caller: i think there should be moderation and all things. part of the problem is half of the legislators are working on the budget cuts -- and the other half should be working on the jobs bill. it is a no-brainer, if you put people back to work it will make a dent in the deficit. 15 million people unemployed? they would be paying taxes, federal and state taxes, buying appliances and spending money. and another thing that irritates me, when they talk about entitlements. i worked 30 years for my civil service retirement, standing out in the rain and cold and sleet and snow, five degre
president obama has quit, though not his day job. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> we're following a high stakes stand-off thousands of miles from where we are. here's what's going on. the crowds in the main square in cairo just got bigger again today. they say they will leave when president hosni mubarak leaves. the problem is, mubarak's new number two says the regime isn't going to end. mubarak isn't going anywhere for a while. and he said tonight egypt can't put up with these protests for a long time. at stake, control of egypt. the future of that country and both sides are well aware of that. again tonight we go first to our chief foreign correspondent richard engel in cairo. richard, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. this stand-off could be heading back to a confrontation. tonight the government put down a marker, it said it can't tolerate indefinite demonstration, but the protests are getting bigger. crowds in tahrir square swelled to hundreds of thousands again, the biggest in days. their demand remains unchanged. the cr
♪ >>> this morning on "early today," rethinking reform. the obama administration puts the brakes on calls for a swift leadership change in egypt. >>> texas tragedy, drug violence along the border with mexico claims the lives of at least two u.s. high school students. >>> and handbag heroin, a jewelry store attack is foiled by a purse-wielding woman. >> narrator: this is "early today" for tuesday, february 8th, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning. i'm lynn berry. today, we begin with compromise in cairo. the united states is reconsidering a push for swift reform in egypt, calling for a slower pace to progress, easing the call for a transition to power and president hosni mubarak to step down. whether egypt protesters accept the timetable for his stepdown remains to be seen. northbound's tracie potts joins us from washington with the latest. >> good morning, everyone. the u.s. is starting to wonder whether mubarak's immediate resignation may not be the best action because it would trigger a new election within 60 days mandatory, and given
is on right now. president obama delivered the state of the union and getting positive reviews in the main stream media and getting favorable comparison. >> he was trying to envoke the optimism that bring to mind ronald reagan. >> how this could be his reagan moment. >> talking about winning the fut and you are that was a theme of reagan. it is not left-right. >> sunny optimism and reaganesque and american exceptionalism and full of kennediesque encouragement to break a new frontier. that was remarkable. >> and then this from time magazine. a doctored image of ronald reagan with his arm around mr. obama. you have been around washington. when reagan comparison erupts, is that spontanous. >> we associate reagan with optimism. it is lazy to just associate reagan with optimism. there is a wonderful documentary that came out and didn't show him smiling and the grim determination to beat the soviets and he hated the statism that barack obama is plugging for. >> there could not be two presidents with more opposite philosophy. >> for one thing president obama is reading up and reading him and stud
. >> ron alan live in cairo, egypt. just over an hour from now, president obama is expected to field questions about reports that his administration is working to broker a deal to remove president mubarak from power. several reports say the white house and egyptian officials are discussing a plan that would remove mubarak immediately while leaving newly-appointed vice president omar suleiman to take t reins in a back shift of power. mike, what else are you hearing regarding this q&a session with the president? and also the president will probably get questions on the finger pointing. many are questioning why the intelligence was not there to perhaps predict or lead us to know more about what was apparently around the corner with these protests. >> reporter: that's right. one of the top cia officials yesterday appeared before a senate committee hearing and got a grilling, why they weren't paying closer attention in the view of some senators like ron wyden and diane feinstein, two democrats, why they did not pay closer attention to social media. that was driving the organizational eff
, policy priorities, have been completely upset by this development. the obama administration came into office two years ago planning to work on israeli- palestinian peace, planning to engage with iran to try to prevent the emergence of iran as a nuclear power and frankly, it had no interest in what it saw as the failed freedom agenda of george bush. what we now see is that these demands for change in the region for democratic governments in the region have forced a's selves onto obama a agenda. he has chosen wisely to get on the right side of this and to be in favor of the spread of democracy and human rights in the region. i think the administration is playing catch up. they are trying very much to show they were on top of these issues all along and were in favor of these things all along, but to be honest, there was not much attention and much priority given to these issues to what was happening inside arab countries and change that might be coming from inside arab countries. there was not much attention given to that at all. over the last couple of years. the two other issues t
president bush. originally pro president obama. he says no, i think that's a good idea to talk but so far there's been no movement yet. >> so we will keep an eye on that particular square and when there is movement and if they do indeed start to march on the palace we'll keep you posted. yesterday in the 78 eight page opinion, a u.s. district judge of northern florida ruled that the president's health care initiative is unconstitutional. you know that part that is called the -- >> this is gigantic. >> that is unconstitutional. the government, he says, can't tell you, you got to go out and you got to buy insurance or get fined. that's against the law, says roger. >> actually, he ended up saying because of that, the whole thing is unconstitutional. basicly in his ruling, he said you can't just parse out this one segment. you have to then rule that the entire law is unconstitutional. so what happens now? we've had two courts that ruled in favor of the obama administration. one in western virginia and one in michigan. and then you had two courts who say it's unconstitutional. one in eastern v
. >>> president obama has given up one of his bad habits. >>> eggs, good old eggs are changing, and they may be better for your diet. >>> what you got, lindsey? >> maybe the cleveland cavaliers should have some. the terps glad to have a game tomorrow night. prepare for a shark invasion at >>> an explosion at a petroleum plant near houston sent flames shooting 100 feet into the air this afternoon. it happened just after 2:00 p.m. heavy fire continues there at this hour. so far, no reports of any injuries, but one person may be missing. company officials say it is natural gas that's burning and it is not an environmental hazard. no word right now on what may have started this fire. >>> now, some jarring surveillance video out of turkey. we warn you, it shows the moment that a truck slams into the side of a bus full of passengers. first passengers were just sitting and talking onboard the bus and then looked out the window and saw a huge truck headed toward them. it was too late for anybody to get out of the way. it happened last friday. the stunned bus driver picked himself up and staggered ou
a president barack obama on arrival. we are expecting him to take off of route 830 or so. we believe him of the fln. you can see secret service all wrong. security guards are at here. this is impressive. i have done 5-10 president of arrival/departure is. every time you get as stated airforce what is impressive. >>darya: if yes and they stop all of the aerospace until he is on his way. it >> reporter: as plain start leaving and taking off. you can see the planes getting ready to taxi off and take off out here. as soon as the caravan arrives on site everything comes to a screeching halt. >>darya: ok, we will see it leave the hotel and and we are over to you. thank-you so much. mark? >> let us see what is in store it with our brother. >>louisa: showers are creeping their way in. palo alto and to send us a. we are looking at a few leftover bread and drops. -- wayne it drops.rain drops. looke moister pumping its way enter this debate. it is backing and into the east wait. your future cast shows showers edging in through the day and buy it 2:00 hour it is the same story. by 4:00 you will see
to the white house. today president obama is hosting canadian prime minister steven harper. we are being flagged that really in a matter of minutes he will deliver remarks on egypt. we're told maybe two questions. i want you to remember that what he said on tuesday, i want to take you back three days after speaking by phone with president mubarak. listen to this. >> what is clear and what i indicated tonight to president mubarak is my belief that an orderly transition must be meaningful, it must be peaceful, and it must begin now. >> dan lothian, live for me at the white house. dan, as we're all sort of waiting for those remarks from mr. obama, does the white house want mubarak out right now, or do they believe the egyptians still need a little time to get their ducks in a row, if you will? >> reporter: well, listen, that is a question that we have been asking the white house now for quite some time, and they simply won't talk about it publicly. they talk in broad terms about the need for this peaceful transition to occur, but not saying specifically that hosni mubarak himself should ste
, not just mr. obama, but this is different because it is live, like, you don't -- if you make a mistake everybody in the world will see it and, one more thing, this interview that i'm doing with the president, on sunday, 4:45 eastern time, will be the most watched interview in history. more people will see this interview than any other interview that has ever been done in the history of mankind. because, immediately it will go out on the internet. it will go out everywhere in the world. and, everybody will be checking it out. so, this is no easy deal. this is a -- something that the white house is taking seriously, i know that and we are certainly taking it very seriously. >> the packers and steelers are getting into the pregame preps, deep into them already and you must be, as well. how get nervous? >> no, i'm a dopey guy, really doesn't care what people think of me. i want to -- just like an athlete, i used to be one, want to bring my a-game in and sounds cliche but i don't want to get tense speaking about that 48 hours out and i will not -- i will not -- formulate my question until a
obama's budget and introduce a plan of their own. >>> and man versus machine. a super computer takes on the best of the best on jeopardy. this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, february 15th, this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, february 15th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm betty nguyen. we begin with the protests sweeping across the middle east triggered by the revolt in egypt. this morning there is a security clamp down in iran. anti-government demonstrators and police battled through the night. tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets monday flooding central tehran. police say at least one was killed and dozens injured. iran security forces cut phone lines and blockaded the homes of opposition leaders. mark phillips has more. >> reporter: with the media lock down, the only glimpse came by cell phone video. the crowds were big, they were angry and emboldened by events in egypt and it shows the regime intent on putting them down. at one point protesters start to deface a poster of the supreme leader when a governmen
is from provo, utah, mr. young, and he says, "will the realistic response to obama b.p. to -- what other provisions will be in it, and will it include tort reform? " -- boat toward reform?" >> the president has said he is for tort reform. do not believe it. president obama, the personal injury lawyers. they talking to forms of -- they talked in terms of tort reform, and he cannot mean it in terms of continuing on as president of united states. they spend about $1 billion every few years. it is pretty hard for them to go against the unions, and that is something that has been very noticeable to me over the years, because about 40% of the unions are republican, and so all i can say is, you know, there is a real difference between democrats and republicans. there is no use kidding. i was a democrat of the way through byu, and you have to be a pretty strong democrat to make all of the way throat byu as a democrat, and realized, my gosh, these people are not be a. they can be very, very helpful from time to time, but i've got to tell you, the party is dominated by special interest groups that
obama brought in and brought on to business in the first two years of his administration? and how many more rules and regulations have yet to be written with financial reform and worst of all, health care reform? businesses are regulated to the hilt by this administration and the only giveback that we've gotten so far from president obama is this 1099 reporting rule. that's all we've got. >> under the health care law. >> if you look at substance, there is no real change in the regulatory burden on business, period. >> but what i want to get at is that it's only been three months since this administration attacked the chamber of commerce and accused them of using foreign dollars which on its face was proven to not even be true. >> well, it's a shift. it looks like a shift on the part of the president to the center. but it only looks like that. >> only reason why is because of the guy he walked across the lawn with yesterday which is his new chief of staff, bill daley. >> that's part of an image problem, isn't it? has there been any fundamental change from the administration. >> as the f
this situation moves from president obama talking about change now, president mubarak talking about change in september. is president obama powerless to actually make that happen? >> well, let's be clear that these are very fluid and dynamic events. i think what we've seen happen over the course of the past many days, quite honestly, are events that many people have not seen -- nobody's seen in their lifetime. i think you heard the president last night pretty clearly. i'm certainly here to say that the conversation the president had with president mubarak was direct. it was frank. it was candid. and without getting into exactly what was said, i think the message the president delivered clearly to president mubarak was that the time for change had come. >> i guess i'm still trying to get at the core question of what the president, this president can do about that. >> well, i think that -- i think change in all of these instances, what we've seen transpire over the course of many days in cairo and egypt has taken place as a result of change that's needed to happen from within the country. yo
does it mean for your tax dollars? >> wisconsin's massive budget battle continues with president obama supporting the union and mobilizing the dnc to gather protesters on the ground but not all unions actually want his help. >> and schools taking discipline to a new level slapping g.p.s. trackers on students who skip class. should parents be in charge of controlling bad behavior? >> coffee time. "fox and friends" continues right now. good morning, everyone. >> i expect this in hour number two? come on. dana is here for us this morning. and we got e-mails at 4:50 this morning from john boehner's office because they were actually still working at 4:00 this morning trying to get through the massive cuts in spending to the 2011 budget, $60 billion cut from the 2011 budget. >> it was not close. here is how the vote broke down. yes, 235; no, 189. a lot slashed from the budget. a lot of democrats not happy. but this is setting up a veto. and it is setting up a fight in the senate. and a government shut down as a result. >> it is coming together. president obama will exercise his first veto so
proceeds. new fallout now from what critics call a shocking power grab, reacting to president obama's decision that the defense of marriage act, which defines marriage as between a money and a woman, is unconstitutional and that the department of justice will no longer defend it. and this man is hoping to convince a major u.s. city to outlaw circumcisions on baby boys. and if you are a big believer in aliens, you are probably in arizona right now, where the annual international u.f.o. convention is taking place. we have an inside ticket. [ female announcer ] it's lobsterfest. the one time of year red lobster creates so many irresistible ways to treat yourself to lobster. like our new lobster-and-shrimp trio with a parmesan lobster bake, our decadent lobster lover's dream with both sweet maine and buttery rock lobster tails and eleven more choices, each served with a salad and unlimited cheddar bay biscuits. come celebrate lobsterfest right now at red lobster. megyn: welcome back, folks. 1:21 here in the east. we're tracking a tense showdown between israel and iran. iranian warships
. >>> today president obama fired back at critics who say his proposed budget for 2012 does not do enough to reduce the deficit fmplts he said the spending plan would stop running up the charges on our national credit card. and it could pave the way to a bipartisan deal to cut entitlements, such as medicare. steve handelsman has the lacest. >> reporter: buffetted by a storm of criticism, president obama defended his new plan to cut the deficit. >> we're not going to be running up the credit card anymore. that's important. and that's hard to do. >> reporter: he admits he would use a scalpel, not a machete, to cut some discretionary programs. the spending in green, not the big wedge in yellow, entitlements, social security and especially medicare and medicaid, all headed deep into the red. the president's own deficit commission demanded entitlements be cut immediately. the "washington post" calls the obama approach a punt, essentially giving up. house speaker john boehner demanded entitlement cuts this year. >> republicans will not punt. everything's on the table. >> reporter: president oba
in egypt. reports out of washington this morning that president obama will speak about all of this to the nation in a news conference today. we're waiting for details on that. the white house is said to be working behind the scenes to prevent the egyptian government from a total collapse. president obama has called on president mubarek to listen to the demands of his people. >>> and it is being called a day of departure in egypt. mass demonstrations that are supposed to convince president mubarek to leave office. listen to some of this: >> [. >> the streets are jammed with protestors at this hour, at least 200,000 people are the estimates we're getting. always tricky to get a handle on the numbers, of course. they say they will not leave until mubarek steps down. we have heard all week that friday is the day that they expect him to leave his post leland vitt ser streaming live from cairo: >> good morning, martha. it's a very different scene here today. obviously, because of where we are. we've now come to a secure location. so many journalists have been beat up, so much equ
, moments from now, president obama will hold a news conference, two hours from now, white house reporters get together in the main room and get a chance to fire away. spending, the budget, certainly top of the list and egypt and perhaps what's happening in the middle east. we'll get a live report from the white house in a few moments on what to expect there. stay tuned for that. martha: meanwhile lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have been criticizing the president's spending plan for next year, republicans say the numbers don't add up, paul ryan, with a bit of a play on words, causing the budget, quote, debt on arrival. listen to this: >> look, presidents are elected to lead to face the biggest problems in our country and he's mia. he's pickup trucking. >> he wants you to be the bad guy. do you believe that congressman ryan? >> i suppose so, i guess so. i don't really care. we want to fix problems. we see this as a problem to our country and economy and we need to fix it. if the president is not going to lead we're going to propose alternatives. martha: that defines a big issue, of co
, first from fox this tuesday night, president obama holding a surprise news conference to defend his 2012 spending plans. as republicans accuse him of punting on big three budget busters. social security, medicare, and medicaid. the president says he is willing to take the plunge and go after those programs if republicans will jump off the cliff with him. >> this is not a matter of you go first or i go first. this is a matter of everybody having a serious conversation about where we want to go and then ultimately getting in that boat at the same time so it doesn't tip over. and i think that can happen. >> shepard: but the way the process works, the president does go first. he has already sent his budget to congress. house republicans won't release their plan until march or april. for now, they're not offering any details, but they are promising they will not punt. >> we will put forward a budget that deals with the big challenges that face our country. >> specifically, social security and medicare? >> i'm going to let paul ryan and the budget committee do their work but i have no doubts t
of their fighter jet and let it crash. less than two hours ago president obama broke his silence on what appears to be a brewing civil war. suffering and blood shed is outrage just and shooting peaceful protesters. >> shepard: team fox coverage now wendell goler at the white house. first, leland vittert streaming live this evening from cairo, egypt at the scene of the last major uprising in libya's next door neighbor. leland? >> shepard, it is fair to say that libya is indeed on the verge of civil war. the images coming out of tripoli do indeed show forces massing ready to fight as colonel gaddafi said to the last drop of blood there are army jeeps there in the streets as they long and bloody val. he will die a martyr, getting video out of libya is incredibly difficult. mostly amateur video coming out with the tens of thousands of people trying to escape this violence. as they are coming out the army is letting them go, they are searching them, taking their cell phones and any kind of video they have so the world can't see what's really going on inside that country. shepard? >> shepard: leland v
a lot. >> we are taking to president barack obama. he is speaking about the situation in egypt. >> we are doing everything we can to protect american citizens. that is my highest priority. in libya, we have urged a people to leave the country. the state department is assisting those in need of support. meanwhile, all americans should give thanks for the heroic work that is being done by our foreign service officers. they represent the best of our country and its values. throughout this period of unrest and the people across the region, the united states has maintained a set of core principles which guide our approach. these principles apply to the situation in libya. we strongly condemned the use of violence in libya. the american people extend our deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of all the weapon killed and injured. the suffering and bloodshed is outrageous and unacceptable. further punish the people of libya. his actions violate international norms and every standard of common decency. this violence must stop. the united states also supports the universal right to
director jacob lew will testify at a house hearing just a day after obama unveiled a $3.7 trillion proposal. >> even as we cut out things that we can afford to do without, we have a responsibility to invest in those areas that will have the biggest impacts in our future. >> reporter: the president's plan calls for investments in areas like education and research, but also aims to slash $1 trillion from the deficit over the next decade. spending cuts would affect programs from urban development grants to heating assistance for low income families. >> this does more spending, more taxing, more borrowing. >> reporter: the proposal immediately drew criticism from both parties. >> you don't take a meat ax to this economy and cut things just for the sake of telling the american people you met a certain number. >> reporter: while the battle over next year's budget is just beginning, the fight over the current one is still far from over. today the house begins debate on a controversial bill to cut spending. republicans are fighting to save $61 billion from this year's budget to fund the government
often leaves women with lasting arm swelling, stiffness and pain. >>> president obama has fought a long battle with cigarettes. and apparently, he's winning. the first lady says mr. obama has not smoked in nearly a year. but there's still no word on when that first anniversary is. mr. obama said the president wants to be able to tell his daughters that he is not a smoker. >>> one of the army's most high-profile soldiers is calling it quits. medal of honor recipient, sal giunta, is leaving the military to attend college in colorado. giunta is the first living service member from the wars in afghanistan or iraq, to receive the nation's highest military honor. >>> as unlikely as it sounds, an immigration paperwork issue may end the season of one of florida's best high school basketball teams. the team was forced to forfeit all the games in this 19-year-old brian delancy played. the problem, is that delancy came to the school three years ago from the bahamas. and the school never filed the right eligibility paperwork for him to play. an appeal is their last hope. >>> as for other hoops team
investigate the video. we're going to take you to the spot where it happened. >>> has the obama administration had a consistent message on egypt? do they have one now? we'll take a look at that. >>> good to have you back, anderson. julian assange was back in a london courtroom today, this time for an extradition hearing. when we come back, i'll explain why his lawyers are arguing assange is at risk of execution if he's extradited to sweden. to keep in balance after 50, i switched to a complete multivitamin with more. only one a day women's 50+ advantage has gingko for memory and concentration plus support for bone and breast health. a great addition to my routine. [ female announcer ] one a day women's. this is mary... who has a million things to pick up each month on top of her prescriptions. so she was thrilled that her walgreens pharmacist recommended a 3-month supply and would always be there to answer questions about her health. now mary gets 3 refills in one and for 3 months, she's done. more or less. ask your pharmacist about a 90 day supply and get a free gift. walgreens. there's a way
cohen, thanks. >>> first lady michelle obama launched lets move campaign a year ago and spent the last year talking to mayors, governors, food manufacturers, schools, parents, kids, you name it, all in an effort to fight one frightening statistic. the white house says 1 in 3 american kids is overweight or owe bees. mrs. obama says let's move campaign isn't just about food, it's about learning a new lifestyle. >> i've always talked about balance in this campaign. i mean, we're really trying to make some changes and if you go at a parent and say, you can never take your kid to get a burger, you've lost them because that's not the reality that we live in. it's not my reality. so i do talk openly about my obsession with french fries because i want people to understand the changes that we have to make in our lives are not whole-scale changes. many of the changes for kids are small things. things like adding fruits and vegetables and getting our kids moving and putting more water in the diet. >> the first lady will speak more about her fight against childhood obesity this afternoon right nea
president obama's health care reform, also blocked. the legislation passed largely along party lines. victory for the 87 freshmen republicans who promised they were going to do this. peter doocy joins us with the details. >> reporter: congressmen and women here got to work yesterday at 9 a.m., but didn't punch out until 4:40 this morning. after days of debate that's how long it took to get this 1.2 trillion dollar spending mesh hurt through to now fun the federal government through the rest of the fiscal year which runs until september 30th. most a party line vote. no democrats voted for this measure. only three republicans, campbell, flake and jones voted against it. let's at -- let's take a look at what it looked like at the end of that very long day. >> on this vote the yeas are 235 nays 189, the bill is passed. >> reporter: with that comes 61 billion dollars in cuts from 2010 levels. among those cuts include a ban on federal money for planned parenthood. big cut in many federal agencies including epa and irs. prohibition of federal funding for that-year-old health care law. all t
protestors and the obama administration is calling for egyptian president hosni mubarak to step down sooner than later. i'll have a live report. >> a good friday morning to you. a live look from emeryville. the clear and cool conditions that await you this morning but unlike last weekend i have sunshine, dry weather and above average temperatures. how long they'll last. >> a pretty good ride this friday morning. no trouble 680 walnut creek but a couple close spots, one in san jose. details coming up. >> good morning, everyone. friday. doesn't that sound nice. 6:01. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. let's begin with a day of departure where hundreds of thousands of egyptian protestors have now converged on the heart of cairo which they hope will be the last big push to oust their president from office. jenelle following the developments more than a week now. >> the obama administration is pushing for two things this morning, number one, to have the egyptian government to announce a concrete tangible transition of power to calm the protestors and number two no violence by either side. prot
it was down a moment ago. the nasdaq is down 14. the s&p 500 down 5. >>> president obama will be in the bay area thursday evening to meet with high-tech business leaders. so far the white house has only said the president will talk with business leaders in a session that will stress jobs, innovation and green technology and education. no specific information has been released on where the meeting will be held. the president is expected to stay overnight in the bay area before heading to oregon on friday. the economic recovery is alive and well. but the crisis is not over for the public sector. pam cook joins us from the newsroom with the newest silicon valley index report. >>> good morning. this new report shows a pretty healthy prebound for -- which added 12,000 jobs in the silicon valley. it also showed the region is struggling from government jobs and social programs. the jobs are driven to technology. facebook is growing so fast as we've been reporting, it plans to increase its work force by 50% a year. and they are moving its headquarters to a bigger facility in menlo park to accommoda
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their frustrations out on the police. >>> obama and house republican leaders do lunch. >>> wizards welcoming the buck here at verizon center. john daley is in the news once again. and the capitals ripped off at home. hear what head coach bruce boudreau has to say. >>> a group was marching in greece to impose tougher rule on spending. earlier in the day, the workers had walk out of their jobs and marched to parliament. the greek government is cutting costs to deal with that country's debt. >>> the dow did finish up. the nasdaq lost eight points. the s&p closed down four. >>> president obama unvied john boehner and other republican leaders to the white house for a working lunch. the topic was the economy. there are likely to be some major disagreements ahead about how much to cut and where to cut it. >> reporter: the three top republican leaders in the house after breaking bread with the president, trying to find common ground on fixing the economy. >> we talked with the need to cut spending. we did talk to the president about the fact that we are moving forward tomorrow. >> reporter: the gop spending
they will no longer defend a key part of the defensive marriage act on direct orders from president obama. in 1996, the 1996 law says no state needs to recognize same-sex marriages permitted or recognized elsewhere. in the case of the federal government, it defines marriage as the legal union of one man and one woman. now justice traditionally defending federal laws against challenges even if the current administration doesn't support the legislation. this is significant. we have our senior legal analyst on the line to give us a little bit insight here. jeffrey, as i understand it, what the attorney general said and what the president commented on were just these two cases that they had a time line about. not the entire doma act. >> reporter: that's right, but the legal position that the obama administration is now taking is that any sort of legal discrimination against gay people is now -- should now be treated the same way the discrimination against racial minorities, against women should be treated. that's a very big change in the law. the supreme court has never said that. there's no guarantee
obama. he says the u.s. simply doesn't understand the egyptian culture and what would happen if i step down now. the egyptian government is criticizing the violence that has erupted the last two days in cairo and says it did not encourage the attacks on protesters and on journalists. the vice president tells abc news that it will not uproot a peaceful demonstration on tahrir square. take a listen. >> reporter: just to make it clear, you will not order the military to evacuate them from the square? >> we will ask them to go home. but we will not pressure them to go home. >> reporter: never? >> no way. no way. and i hope that they will recognize that they are not doing well for the country. >> very latest now from cnn's ivan watson. ivan, what are you seeing now? >> don, let me start by saying one thing. cnn crews and other locations in the city overlooking tahrir square have been ordered by the egyptian police not to provide live images of what is going on in here. we are doing it right now, but our neighbors at this location have warned us that suspected secret police are outside tryin
: elevennen days into this resolution in egypt and president obama has yet to take any questions about it. while he's made several statements, he's not taken reporters's questions. today he will. he holds a joint press conference with the prime minister of canada at the white house later today. now, top members of his administration, president obama's administration, have been working behind the scenes feverishly on a proposal. they are working with top egyptian officials on this proposal to get egypt's president, hosni mubarak, to step down immediately. and here on capitol hill last night, the u.s. senate passed a resolution urging mubarak to hand over power. >> there is every possibility that this crisis lurches into a genuine massacre, and we cannot afford that. and we must do everything in our power to see that it stops. >> reporter: here on capitol hill, momentum also seems to be building for the idea of cutting off aid to egypt unless mubarak steps down now. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. >>> time now, 7:17. well, fashion desig
miles to mark the tibetan rebellion against china. president obama will awarped the medal of freedom to 15 people today including former president george h.w. bush. also being honored german chancellor angela merkel, warren buffet and poet maya angelou. the medal of freedom recognizes those who have made a contribution to the national interests of the u.s. or to world peace. congratulations. >> you have to add in bill russell there for that magical moment. >> it will be warren buffet and not jimmy buffet? >> that might be margaritaville, though, you never know. >> yesterday morning at this time, we were telling you about the president's big budget and it's big. close to, look at the big board over there. $3.73 trillion. g.o.p. reaction was swift. it spends too much, borrows too much and taxes too heavily. the interesting thing about it and the message of the november election was we can't run these deficits forever. interestingly enough, the president's deficit reduction doesn't actually start to kick in in a profound way until after he is re-elected. if he's re-elected. >> you had
are scheduled for today. >>> the obama administration is struggling to support the pro-dompro pro-democracy movement. robert gibbs dismissed mubarak's naming of a new government saying now is the time for action not appointments. yet gibbs also said the administration has not contacted opposition leader mohamed elbaradei. >>> of course, we'll have much more on today's planned protest in egypt later in this show as well as on "america this morning" and also on "good morning america." >>> now to this morning's other major story, that brutal winter storm bearing down on at least 30 states from the rockies to new england. the nation's midsection is getting the brunt of it with up to 2 feet of snow on the way. chicago is bracing for an all-out blizzard. many schools have been closed and states of emergency have already been declared in missouri, illinois and oklahoma. >>> the storm is also taking a big toll on air travelers across the country. thousands of flights have now been canceled. airlines have encouraging passengers to rebook trips leaving from chicago. the storm is even throwi
," a secret record was ordered by president obama last summer of the potential 81 rest in the arab world. it was called "presidential study directive." the report shows a number of countries, specifically, egypt that could seek political reform. and it sought for proposals to push countries for reform. >>> schools across the state of wisconsin will be closed today as thousands and others will walk off the job to protest in the state capital. 40% of state teachers called off sick yesterday. a lot of kids boycotted classes in a show of sympathy. as 10,000 protesters demonstrated in the staete capital. and president obama has called it an assault on unions. it's something teachers say they have to nip in the bud. >> i agonized over it. i don't think there's a single teacher that can stand down here and say i loved calling in sick today. however, this bullying needs to be taken care of. and this bullying needs to be shown what it is that's important to the citizens of wisconsin. >> there's got to be fairness and taxpayers who foot the bill for all of us. >> again, the governor's position on
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